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True Light™ Beauty LED Lighting Kit with Carrying Case

True Light™ Beauty LED Lighting is the LED light that turns any mirror into a makeup mirror with lights. This slender light strip helps you achieve flawless makeup and perfectly styled hair every time. It has two stay-tight suction cups that attach securely to your mirror. Place it at whatever height is best for you. Over 60 LED bulbs replicate the luminosity of direct sunlight. Your face will be brilliantly illuminated so you can easily tweeze eyebrows, apply eye shadow, sweep on mascara, blend foundation and more. You’ll be ready for the red carpet with this makeup vanity with lights!

Perfect for Makeup Application and Skin Care Rituals

Unlike light-up makeup mirrors that sit on the counter, this nimble lighting doesn’t take up any precious space. Plus, you can easily move it from room to room and take it along for travel - There’s even a travel pouch included.

Put an End to Dim Lighting and Botched Makeup Jobs

Bad lighting is the bane of every beauty routine. Dark shadows make it hard to see what you’re doing. And, they seem to highlight wrinkles and imperfections. The result? Too much foundation, wrong shade choices and more. You need a vanity mirror with lights! This lighting has an adjustable brightness setting for the perfect light for every step of your beauty routine. Use it for everything from skin care to hair removal to the final swipe of lipstick before you dash out the door. It’s great for styling your hair and finding just the right piece of jewelry, too.

Works Beautifully on Any Mirror in Your Home

Professional makeup artists and celebrity stylists know the secret to getting gorgeous results: the right lighting makes all the difference! Bathroom vanity lights are great, but can require a costly visit from an electrician. With this effortless setup, you can easily turn your bathroom or bedroom into a salon-style makeup station worthy of the red carpet.

Installs in Just Three Steps

Simply attach the included suction cup mounts to the light strip. Then, attach True Light™ to your mirror and plug it into a standard electrical outlet. The long cord and cord tamer make it easy to reach an outlet and keep the cord tucked away. Finally, turn on your True Light™ for instant vanity lighting!





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