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Tornado Deep Vehicle Cleaner

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Completely Clean Your Car Without Suffering Any Interior Damage

Have you ever imagine washing your car from the inside? It seems impossible because water may damage or may produce a foul odor. Having your car for a year and not being cleaned properly from the inside may cause irritation to your skin.


This Tornado Deep Vehicle Cleaner is an innovative device wherein cleaning every side of your car without harming the parts/interior is now possible. It is equipped with a smart water spray with a unique dry blower.


Convenient and easy to use, it can also be used to wash near your engine. 



Wash Your Car's Interior - Completely clean your car without damaging the interior.


Blow Dry & Water-sprayer - A smartly created water-sprayer that just provide enough to clean the part. Blow dry that will instantly dry the wet parts.


Pot Cover with Copper Connection - This will maximize the durability of the product, prevents getting rust.


Easy Grip Alloy Handle - You'll be able to hold the product easily without stressing your arms or hand.


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