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Silk Fiber Lashes

New Style

Achieve the perfect eyelash without any limit to style and length


This will bring you a brand new experience in doing your eyelashes! You can now create longer eyelashes without limit. 


It provides a 100% natural 4D looking eyelashes that are water and smudge proof. Stay neat and fresh the whole day without the need for a retouch. 


Really easy and convenient to apply, It is made out of premium selected blends that will not irritate your skin or eyes. Save time in creating the most perfect eyelashes with this innovative 4D Fiber Eyelash Mascara.



Look Neat and Fresh All Day - It is 100% not flaking or smudging. It would last perfectly for more than 24 hours without doing any retouch.


Perfect Natural Eyelashes - This 4D Fiber Eyelash Mascara, will provide the best looking eyelashes that will allure anyone


Waterproof & Sweatproof - Can be wear even in swimming or any other occasions & events


Limitless length - Create long eyelashes without any limit in length 


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