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Pet Drinking Water Fountain

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Got furry friends at home? Give them the care and attention they deserve with this Pet Drinking Fountain! Unique and smartly designed with 3 different modes, it will supply filtered fresh water at all times. The trickling water is super fun to watch and drink from, even the pickiest drinker will love it!


Main Features:

  • Provides clean, fresh, and better-tasting water at all times with a water-softening filter and pump
  • Filters out hair, food scraps, dust, and other unwanted substance
  • 3 water flow settings that will entertain your pets and encourage them to drink more.

Normal Mode - a flat water surface

Faucet Mode - add flower accessory to make streams of water flow down like a faucet

Faucet with Cap Mode - add the provided cap to flower accessory to tone down bubbling water

  • Supports a healthy lifestyle for your beloved pets, improves happiness level
  • Significantly lowers the risks of urinary tract infections, heavy metal poisoning, loss of appetite, colds, dehydration, and other health issues
  • Adorable design, your pet drinking from it will make a super cute Insta-ready picture
  • Works quietly, pets can sleep soundly next to it
  • Extremely attractive to cats, who prefer running water
  • Energy-conserving, anti-corrosion, easy to clean
  • Made from Eco-friendly ABS Plastic, safe and durable



Product Size 7.5x7.5x5in / 19x19x13cm (LBH)
Product Weight 15oz / 433g
Package Component 1 x Drinking fountain


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