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Nano-Fiber Magic Cleaning Sponge Ball (with multi-functional handle handle)


If you've been lucky enough to acquire quality cookware - the kind that conducts, distributes, and maintains heat well and is meant to live as long as you; you're going to want to take good care of it! Most of us don't give much thought to sponges - Coarse scrubbers, harsh abrasive steel wools are common ones that inevitably scratch and damage them.

The Nano-Fiber Magic Cleaning Sponge Ball here makes cleaning kitchenware way easier and faster, saves you time, elbow grease and most importantly prevents damage to your precious cookware.



✔️ CLEAN SMARTER, NOT HARDER- We all know the pain of scrubbing away dirty or burnt food on pots with a soft cloths, and the hassle of a dish cloth and scrubber taking up space on the sink. Yes, the answer lies here... Why not get the best with the Nano-Fiber Magic Cleaning Sponge Ball to get the job done?

✔️ MADE FOR A TOUGH JOB- These sponges were made to last. They’re made from the best quality synthetic plastics, ensuring you they won’t wear out in a week like the average store-bought scouring pads do.

✔️ GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE- While these scrubbers are tough enough to shift difficult dirt and grease, they are also soft enough to deal with expensive non-stick cookware. They won't scratch or damage your pots and pans, no matter how hard you scrub.

✔️ CHEMICAL FREE- The tough kitchen scrub sponge contains no harmful chemicals. For the health and safety of our customers, we ensure that our sponges are 100% safe to use.

✔️ COST EFFICIENT- When a scouring pad becomes a little… smelly, you usually replace them, but why not save money and wash them in the washing machine or dish washer? 100% washer and dryer safe for easy cleaning.

We'd like to add that we take pride in having our product look FANTASTIC in your kitchen and we've designed a multi-functional handle... We're certain you'd be all smiles simply by looking at it! Besides the eye-candy factor, the design enables it to stand on its own or sit on the sides of your wash basin for accessibility.

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