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Magnetic Acupuncture Pen

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The Best Acupuncture Therapy That You Can Enjoy at Home!

Going for a therapy is sometimes impossible due to our busy schedules. Having a lot of body pains and stiffness will result in a poor work/school performance. 

This Magnetic Acupuncture Pen is using electric pulses to stimulate acupuncture points that activate the cell to repair/relax it.

Electric pulse treatment is proven via many researchers and doctors. It is good to cure/solve many pains.

You'll be able to control the strength of the electric pulse to your convenience and comfort. You can also replace the head of the device for different purpose/function.


✔ Relieves Different Body Pains - Electric pulse treatment is widely used throughout the world to resolve different types of pains and stiffness.

✔ Adjustable Impulse Strength - You'll be able to easily control the strength of the device.

✔ Replaceable Device Head - This Magnetic Acupuncture Pen comes with 3 types of head wherein you can replace at your own will for different purpose/function

✔ Safe & Proven - This type of treatment is scientifically proven and carefully researched.

✔ Accurate Therapy - It can provide an effective result that is comparable to a manual therapy of a real professional. 

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