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Magic Hanger Pro™ Multi-functional Clothes Hanger Organiser


Have you had neck lines, shoulders, and sleeves belonging to beloved shirts, jumpers, and blouses get stretched to the point of no return? The problem? Conventional hangers - Don't ruin great clothes with those!

Introducing the Magic Hanger Pro™, the easy on-and-off design allows for seamless application to any shirt, jumper or blouse without the potential of damaging it. This amazing organiser expands your storage space by up to six times, even comes with an extension mechanism feature to allow for extra-large sized clothes + it is also built to be used in an over-the-door hanging setting. 

The Magic Hanger Pro™ saves you thousands of dollars in ruined garments,think about the number of times you've thrown away a beloved piece because it became limp and deformed. The fact is conventional hangers are the root cause of unnecessary stretching, deformation, puckered shoulders and more - ultimately ruining your clothes right in your own closet. Is this happening to your favorite shirt, jumper or blouse right now in your closet at home? 

One size does fit all and it frees up space that you didn’t even know you had!

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