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EzTravel™ Toiletry Essentials Kit


Love traveling? But are you still packing your toiletries in a Ziploc or in a soft carrier? Have you had your favorite shirt, jumper or blouse stained by accidental spills from lotions and liquids? Don't ruin great clothes with those!

Introducing the EzTravel™ Toiletry Essentials Kit - This smart kit comes with 2 x TSA compliant liquid/lotion storage dispensing bottles, a top compartment for your toothbrush/toothpaste, a bottom one to store a small face/hand towel(or mini mouth-wash or tissue paper) and also comes with 2 detachable cups! Yes, the cups take boiling water and are great for an outdoor coffee urge - that's if you forgot your mug on an outdoor adventure.

Simply grab-and-go and never forget about missing anything else for your next trip! We're human, we forget minute things all the time...

And of course, you'll never have problems with the X-ray machines. 

Well, would you agree to avoiding a sticky or wet situation?

Think about it, wouldn't if be good if you've got more space? Who doesn't?

Remember checking-in? Unpacking your toiletry essentials, happy for the next couple of days, leaving in a frenzy when checking out and realising you forgot a few of them. The EzTravel™ Kit is like a checklist, you'll know if something is missing - because it's transparent.

 ✔️ TOILETRIES ESSENTIALS - Everything you would need for traveling is intelligently designed with a all-in-one purpose to make things organised and simple. Why is it not designed as a round cylinder? Simply because it rolls and you wouldn't want to go chasing after it when it's dropped.

✔️ SPILL-PROOF - Prevents leaks, spillage of your liquid/lotions when your luggage gets rough handled and we've simulated relative test environments except for a nuclear bomb reaction. 

✔️ SPACE SAVING - No more rummaging through your meshed luggage slots to find scattered items! It's all here in one nice looking kit that is purposefully made transparent so you know what's in them at a glance. 

✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY - Durably built with 100% safe long-lasting recyclable food grade plastics without compromising the look, feel and safety.

✔️ EXCELLENT GIFT - This unique kit is a thoughtful attractive and practical gift for loved ones, besties, yourself, birthdays, upcoming holidays or simply for no reason required at all.

Saving Gaia is getting tougher if we all don't conserve resources - Millions of disposable toiletries are simply ignored and disposed off conveniently. Let's also do our part in saving our planet by not playing a part in irresponsible disposal! 

Product Specifications
Package includes: 1 Main Structural Frame, 2 Anti-Spill Bottles & 2 Detachable Cups (does not include Toothbrush and Toothpaste)
Material: PC+ABS+PP
Size: approx. 2.56" x 2.84" x 8.1 inches (72 x 65 x 205mm) 
Weight: 350g

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