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About Us


We are Chris and Niklas, and we began in 2016 starting out just like all great companies in the basement. Nextlevelware.com is a result of curating wow-factor products from all over the world and also putting our design skills into the print-on-demand business; with our intent of bringing smiles to every one out there. 

Our inspirations come from all things cool, stylish and funny that surround us on trends, media, the internet and just about anywhere in the world.

We are proudly family-owned and operated, committed to bringing the best customer experience and we process all orders as fast as we can with the ultimate goal of getting your items to you as soon as possible, please bear with us for a little longer at times when we are at peak for high demand items.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@nextlevelware.com or +1 (708) 762-1628.

Warning: It has been reported that users have noticed an increase in Euphoria from Nextlevel products, we would strongly advise upping the dosage to counter balance the after effects.