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NextLevel Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glass Collection

The Next Level Silicone Wine Glass Collection

... Unbreakable, Functional, yet Elegantly Designed!

Unlike most conventional dull rubber like silicone cups, which appear bland, flimsy and often toppling over easily, the Next Level Silicone Glasses here are the solution with an added bit of fun! Yes, we said fun because they are uniquely designed to look good on its own - definite eye candy!

The drinking rim has been intentionally designed at an inclined angle so that it guides you to drink from the highest inclining angle. For best experience with wine, we recommend applying a little pressure on the sides while sipping to form an oval shaped rim, the rim should be almost wrapping the sides of your nose area so that you are able to get the best wine aroma experience. Silicone by itself has excellent thermal insulation properties, great for all cold and warm beverages - heat and cold tolerant with a temperature range from -46°F to 460°F (-40°C to 230°C). Excellent for wine drinking if one is especially concerned about using a stemless glass as the silicone build will prevent wine from warming beyond its ideal temperature.

Safety is certainly a number one priority and these glasses are made from BPA-Free FDA approved food-grade silicone. Each glass measures 3.85' (98mm) inches tall, has 2.48' (63mm) inches at the rim, 3.85' (98mm) inches at the widest point, 1.77' (45mm) inches at the bottom.

We are know that regular glassware is inconvenient to pack for camping or other other outdoor pursuits. Hence, these sturdy rubber like flexible glasses are your best outdoor options and can be rough handled, flattened, packed into any medium and revert back to its original shape easily when pressure is not exerted on.

The use of disposable cups creates an increase in trash that ends up in enormous landfills. At Next Level, we advocate the use of reusable products to enjoy food and drinks without damaging the environment.

NextLevel Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses

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