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Kate Spade Lunch Tote - Out To Lunch

I was never much of a lunch carrier user until I graduated college. Back then, I was tossing my lunch and snacks into a small tote bag before rushing out the door to class. But this generally led to hot meals that desperately needed warming and cold snacks that quickly dropped to room temperature. In short—my meals quickly became unappetizing and I’d toss more than I should have.

When I moved after college and got my job in a design firm, my mom gifted me the Kate Spade "Out to Lunch" Tote Bag, which I’ve now happily use since. It’s completely changed the game, expands the food variety I can pack and keeps my lunches fresh all morning long. Who knew the right lunch bag would make all the difference?

I am really into fashion and this is truly "For the Fashion Forward"

This chic Kate Spade “out to lunch” tote bag is perfect for the those who can appreciate the lunch box as an opportunity to accessorize. With an insulated interior, gold zipper, and stylish polka dot design—everything about this lunch bag says, I have good taste.

Kate Spade Lunch Tote Bag - Out To Lunch




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