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Kate Spade New York Wrap Case for iPhone X - Glitter Stripe Black Saffiano/Silver Glitter

Let's get started when it comes to personalizing your iPhone. The case you wear with it ultimately projects your style more than any other phone accessory. Following the dynamic color centered aesthetic of renowned designer Kate Spade, the glitter case will undoubtedly attract the eyes of fashion conscious individuals. Located on the bottom rear part of the case is the iconic gold plated Kate Spade logo, the styling is further accentuated with an elegant gold trimming around its edges.

The case itself is not bulky, can be stored comfortably in small purses and sits snugly in pockets.

We are most certain that your iPhone deserves the Kate Spade Glitter Case! It is crafted with best quality materials and indisputably the perfect match for your Iphone - Get Yours Now 👇

 Kate Spade Iphone X Glitter Case - 4 Colours


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