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Kailo Pain Patch Placement Guide for Fast Relief

When It Comes To The Kailo Pain Patch, Placement Is Everything

Proper Kailo patch placement is your non-transdermal (drug free) solution to relieve pain in seconds. For assistance in locating the the perfect placement areas, kindly refer to these usage tutorial videos.

General Instructions For Kailo Placement

To make it easier to find the right placement, hold off on applying the adhesive strip until after you’ve found the perfect spot.

As a general rule, start by placing your Kailo patch near (but above) your pain. Then, slowly move Kailo away from the pain and toward your brain, following the pathway of your nervous system.

You'll know you've found the right spot when your Kailo pain patch starts to tingle or warm up. You should feel relief from your pain within seconds. Never settle with the first point of relief, test several areas on your body until you find the location that maximizes your pain relief or eliminates the pain completely.


How to place your Kailo for the best pain relief


For Pain in the Trunk Area (Back & Core)

✔️ Upper Back
✔️ Middle Back
✔️ Back Muscles
✔️ Ribs
✔️ Menstrual Cramps


For Lower Back Pain

✔️ L1-L5
✔️ L1-L5 Offset
✔️ S1-S5 CO1
✔️ S1-S5 CO1 Offset


For Pain in the Hips and Upper Legs

✔️ Hip Joint
✔️ Hamstring
✔️ Sciatic Nerve
✔️ S1-S5 CO1 Offset


For Knee Pain

✔️ Knee
✔️ MCL
✔️ ACL
✔️ PCL
✔️ Meniscus
✔️ Patellar Tendon


For Head Pain

✔️ Eyes
✔️ Temple
✔️ Back
✔️ Sinuses
✔️ Jaw


For Shoulder Pain

✔️ Clavicle
✔️ Bursa
✔️ Rotator Cuff
✔️ Labrum


For Elbow Pain

✔️ Radius
✔️ Ulna


For Foot/Ankle Pain

Place Kailo across the bridge of your foot or around the backside of your calf just above the ankle. Slowly move Kailo up your leg, pausing along the way until you feel significant relief.


How to apply the Kailo Patch Adhesive

Watch the video for the full instructions on how to properly apply:



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kailo a Pain Patch?

Kailo is an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a pain patch. Kailo can be placed directly on the skin, or over lightweight clothing or placement accessories. Kailo does not have to touch the skin to be effective.

Do the Pain Patches ever “wear out?”

Kailo is very durable. Treated properly, Kailo may last for years before needing replacement. Kailo is a great value. No other pain relief on the market offers so much potential for a one-time purchase.

How long can I wear Kailo?

You can wear Kailo all day every day if desired.

Can my Kailo get wet?

Yes. They have been tested for water-resistance and full submersion. After use in water, simply dab it with a clean, dry towel and allow it to air dry.

What if Kailo doesn’t work for me?

Over 90% of Kailo customers have found an increase in comfort. For the Kailo team, the pain patch is far more than just a business, which is why they offer a hassle-free 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.  

Does the bumpy or smooth side of the Kailo go toward the skin?

Either side will work the same. However, if you are using the Kailo adhesives, we find that the Kailo adhesives stick better to the smooth side of the Kailo.

How do I clean my Kailo?

You can use warm water and soap. If there is adhesive residue from medical tape you can use Goo gone, but wash it gently afterwards. Do not use caustic or cleaners or rubbing alcohol as they can deteriorate Kailo over time.

Can you wear more than one Kailo at a time?

Kailo works hyper locally so it can only focus on one area of pain at a time.  You can however wear more than one Kailo at a time. There is some evidence that more than two at a time minimizes the effectiveness.

Can you wear Kailo Pain Patch if you have a pacemaker?

 If you are using with a pacemaker we suggest discussing with your doctor how Kailo works and consulting with them to determine proper use.

Which side of the Kailo do I put against my skin?

You can place either side against your skin. The differences in the textures on the Kailo is a product of the manufacturing, not a product of function. We generally like to put the adhesive on the smooth side. So, the smooth side ends up against the skin most of the time.

Does Kailo Pain Patch contain metal? Can the metal be absorbed into my body?

Kailo does contain 2 conductive metals. However, studies have shown that the metal cannot and will not be absorbed by your body.