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A smile that’s all your own

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"How I Got Great-Looking Perfect Teeth WITHOUT Paying for Expensive Braces!" 

When I was younger, I knew my teeth weren't straight and I wasn't really bothered back then. So I felt there wasn't a need for me to get braces.

My little sister, however, had really nasty teeth and was always made fun of. She had to go through the process of getting braces and somehow that kind of made me scared. Why? She's always crying when her braces get readjusted, coming up with all sorts of excuses to not go to the next dental appointment — she made it look really painful!   

Today, I'm in my mid-30's and my teeth obviously didn't get any better. In fact, worsened and somehow over the years, my teeth have moved out of place. I never really liked smiling for the camera when I was younger,  I feel uncomfortable now when it's group-selfie time. Argghh... I’m the one jealous of my little sister now! 

On top of my head now is the fear of going to the dentist, all thanks to my sister's horror-movie-inspiring pain + I couldn’t deal with the embarrassment of having braces at this age. 

I did have the thought of seeing the dentist in my 20's and I regret procrastinating soooooo much. Back then, getting braces were really expensive and the hassle of having to go back and forth to the dentist buried the idea.

I’m pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I guess anyone with not-so-perfect teeth can relate to:

  • The ordeal of having your teeth fixed.

  • Paying thousands and having braces on for 16-24 months.

  • The embarrassment of having braces at an older age.

  • The eventual cost of it all.

Now that I spend a whole lot more time at home due to new work arrangements, which meant my mirror and I are seeing each other more — Not good.   

These days, my sister and I would video-call instead of getting together; I can't help gawking at her teeth. I started asking "mirror, mirror on the wall... wait, let's ask Google instead".

Voila! I read about byte and it check marks: 

No Visits to the Dentist - Everything you need is sent directly to your home.

Invisbile Aligner - Woo hoo! No one's gonna know.

Results in Months; not years thankfully - The Hyperbyte HFV (high-frequency vibration) device speeds things up. It seems like 3 months is the average treatment time for most.

Lifetime Guarantee - byte promises that if your teeth should ever fall out of alignment after treatment, byte will restore them at no additional cost.

Is this too good to be true? I decided I needed to dive into deeper research and I went looking for reviews first. I was very surprised when I saw endorsements from Ben Affleck, Leann Rimes, Eddie Cibrian, Alicia Cummings, Tisha Alyn, Leah Brown, Nick Bateman and the list goes on!

Okay, the celebrities gave the assurance and now I needed to do the math. I found out that the byte aligners were around $2000 and the thing is I didn’t have any dental coverage. Well, I was hesitant about forking out that much in one lump sum.

Then, I read on their website that they've got a couple of payment options. Great! I sent an email to byte and they came back with a financing option of just $83/month during the treatments. 

I worried my credit score would make it impossible for me to get financing approved, but byte had a 100% approval rate! It was a no-brainer for me at this point.

Alright step 1 is make a mold of my teeth and I received my impression kit pretty quickly. The molding process took about 20 minutes — super easy and simple. All in the comfort of my home in my pjs.

Just a couple of weeks later, I received the package with my aligners:

I religiously wore them all week and they were not the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, no one even noticed I had them on unless I told them. It's so easy and I simply popped them in and out whenever I wanted to.

With the bytesystem, the weeks flew by and I felt good about it! The whole process is like a dream come true... finally!

If you’re sitting on the fence, just like me... I'm going to say that this is the best investment I’ve ever made. I confidently look into the mirror and am all smiles!

I’m not exaggerating when I say byte has changed my life... Let byte change yours too.